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How to Use Book Giveaways to Build Your List of Readers and Earn Reviews…

If you’re an independent author (or a traditionally published author, in many cases), then you know the importance of finding readers and getting reviews for your novels—especially when you’re just starting out.

Voracious Readers Only is dedicated to helping readers discover new authors AND to help authors find readers who will love their work, write reviews, and help them build word of mouth.

We accomplish this by attracting the right kind of readers to our list, primarily through multi-step advertising campaigns and referrals from our best readers to their friends in book clubs and reading groups.

Voracious Readers Only readers are not only willing to read books from authors they may not have heard about before but if they enjoy your book, they are willing to help you build word of mouth and writing reviews and or recommending your work to other readers.

If you’d like Voracious Readers Only to introduce one of your novels to our list and find you 20 new readers absolutely for free, please fill out the application below and we’ll go from there.

If we’re both happy with the results, then we can do an ongoing promotion to continually drive readers to your novel starting at just $20 USD a month.

But we’ll get to that when you’re ready. For now, please sign up for our introductory 20 Book Giveaway and let us get to work FOR YOU.

20-Book Giveaway Application

What are the chances you’ll accept my application?

If your book has a professional-looking cover, the blurb makes sense, and we think it’s a fit for our readership, then we’ll be happy to do a 20-book giveaway. If there’s something about the book that makes us uncomfortable, we’ll let you know what it is so you can address it.

Do you guarantee reviews?

We do our best to match your book with the right readers but we can’t guarantee they will like the book or be willing to write a review for it.

How many authors have you worked with already?

See below.

What do other authors think of Voracious Readers Only?

Author MM Perry did a great write up about her experience. Check it out here.

Everything I’ve tried before hasn’t worked, why is Voracious Readers Only any different?

Our focus is on finding readers who want to help, not just free book collectors. That seems to differentiate us from similar services who merely want to get your book on as many reading devices as possible with no concern for getting your books read.

Do you follow-up with the readers or is that my job?

Both. We do send a three-step follow-up sequence to those who opt in for a copy of your book to make sure they got it, to encourage them to read it, and to encourage reviews. However, we believe it’s also a good idea for you to add the readers to your email list and keep in touch and develop that relationship as well (they give permission for you to contact them via email when they request a review copy of your book).

The book I want to do a giveaway for is already perma-free. Do I have to give away a different book?

If the book is already available for free, that’s fine. We’re more interested in introducing your book to the right readers.

I’m already an established writer. Are you willing to work with me?

While our initial vision was to work with authors just starting out, we have worked with novelists with dozens of novels under their belt. If you’re interested in finding more readers, then we’re interested in you.

I write in several genres and would like to try the 20 free book giveaway for more than one book, is that okay?

Yes. Just fill out the application for each book and we’ll be in touch in regards to scheduling.

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*As of February 13, 2018