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Would you like to effortlessly add an extra 40+ readers to your email list each and every month?

The Voracious Readers Only list grows by 20 to 30 subscribers every day and it’s likely most of these people have never heard of your work BUT some may be interested in reading your book (and writing a review, telling a friend, or purchasing other novels you’ve written).

With the Voracious Evergreen Offer, our newest subscribers will be offered a free copy of your book soon after they join the list.

Sign up today to lock in your spot on the Voracious Evergreen Offer list for just $20 USD per month (paid via paypal, we’ll send you an invoice each month). This is a simple month-to-month offer. If you don’t want to continue into the next month, just let us know.


During your first month, we’ll also promote your book to current Voracious Readers Only subscribers so that you attract an extra 50 opt-ins!



In the two months since I signed up, I’ve had more than 300 people ask for my book. I have noticed an uptick in reviews and ratings, on Goodreads, Amazon, and even iTunes. And I have probably a dozen new superfans who have absolutely loved my books.

MM Perry

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